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What do I need before I start my tax return?

  • Gather all your income statements

These include but are not limited to your Pay as you go (PAYG) payment summaries, any Employment Termination Payment (ETP), Centrelink payments such as Newstart or Youth Allowance, Superannuation lump sum payments, etc.

  • Make sure you have receipts for your deductible expenses and donations

If you are claiming more than $300 of work-related expenses as deductions, you will need to have receipts or other written evidence, such as credit card and bank statements, documenting all your expenses. Even if your claims amount to less than $300, you may be required by the ATO to explain how the claim was worked out. If you are deducting car expenses for work-related travel above 5000km, you will be required to keep a logbook to back up your claim. Receipts and logbook should be kept for 5 years.

  • You may need to share your photo ID, citizenship certificate, or passport with our tax agents

If you became an Australian citizen during the tax year, we may need you to forward proof of citizenship. Similarly, if we cannot add you as a client with the ATO, our tax agents will request a government-issued photo ID such as a drivers license or a passport, along with letter from the ATO stating your full name and tax filing number (TFN)

Personal Information

Contact Information

Postal Address

Previous Postal Address

Home Address

Income Received

Select the types of income you earned from the list below. Then click the income item in the left column to start inputing your information.

Report any payments you may have received from Centrelink, such as Newstart Allowance or Austudy, as these are considered taxable income.

Your income information will not be automatically pre-filled based on your TFN.

Check all that apply:

Salary and Wages :
Salary, wages, and withholdings listed on your PAYG Payment Summary.

Centrelink :
Newstart Allowance, Parenting Payments, Austudy, Youth Allowance, Age pension, carer payment, widow B pension, DVA payments, etc.

Employment Termination Payments (ETP) :
Previously known as Eligible Termination Payments.

Superannuation Payments :
Income from superannuation income stream, superannuation lump sum payments, pensions, retirement funds, etc.

Interest & Dividend :
Bank interest, interest from mutual fund investments, and dividends from stocks, etc.

Capital Gains & Distributions from Managed Funds:
Capital gains or loss from sale of stock or units in a trust. Trust distribution statements for managed funds.

Attributed Personal Services Income :
i.e. personal service income derived through a partnership, company or trust.

Business, Rental, and Non-Attributed Personal Services Income.

Partnerships & Trusts :
Taxable income from partnership or trust investments.

Foreign Income :
Income earned overseas or interest and dividends from foreign investments.

Forestry Managed Investment Scheme :
Income and deductions from a forestry interest.

Employee Share Scheme :
Acquisition or right to acquire discounted shares or stapled securities from a domestic or foreign company that you are employed with.

Other Income :
Tips, Director Fees, Life Insurance Bonus, Professional Income, Other Salary/Wage, Other Non-Provisional Income, and Allowances not reported on PAYG.

Deductible Expenses

Work-related deductions claimed in this section are for the unreimbursed expenses you incurred while performing your job as an employee. If you run your own business, your business-related expenses must be reported in the Business Income section.

Select your deductible expenses from the list below, then click the item in the left column to begin entering your information. For a full list of eligible employee work-related deductions by occupation click here.

The ATO requires that you keep accurate records of your expenses, such as receipts and other written evidence, if your expenses exceed $300.

Check all that apply:

Work-related Car Expenses
Personal car-related expenses incurred in the course of performing your job as an employee.

Work-related Uniforms & Travel Expenses
Costs related to the purchase & maintenance of work required uniforms & protective clothing. Also, unreimbursed work-related travel expenses such as train & bus fares, tolls & parking fees.

Other Work-related Expenses including Tools, Office Supplies, Income Protection Insurance, & Phone Plans. 
Other work-related expenses; depreciation of work related items; non work-related expenses that you may be entitled to claim as a deduction.

Expenses related to Self-Education
Tuition costs for further education leading to a formal qualification from a school, college, or university that has a direct bearing your current employment.

Gifts & Charity Donations
Gifts of money or property to approved organisations, charities, or political parties & candidates.

Tax Lodgement Fees & Expenses related to your interest or dividend earnings 
Expenses incurred in the course of managing your tax affairs. Also, expenses related to your interest accounts or your investments in dividend stocks.

tax Offsets & Other Details

Select from the list below the type of offsets or rebates you would like to claim. Did you have out-of-pocket medical expenses? If yes, select that item below then click it in the left column to begin entering your information.

Check all that apply:

Medical Expenses
Any out of pocket medical expenses over $2333 qualifies for a 20% tax offset.

Private Health Insurance
Private health insurance coverage can be eligible for a medicare levy reduction or exemption.

PAYG Instalments
PAYG instalments you made during the financial year qualify for a tax offset.

Other Items
HECS Balance, Medicare Levy Exemption, and Under 18 Excepted Income.

Investor/Venture Capital Offsets and Exploration Credits
Early stage venture capital limited partnership, early stage investor tax offsets, and Exploration Credits